Leadership Agenda Summit 2021

The Co-founder of Ayzer Center for Entrepreneurship Mrs. Anita Amorighoye was a Keynote speaker for Women in the Leadership Agenda Summit 2021 hosted by the Brian Reuben Advisory. Amongst other renowned speakers such as Professor Ndubuisi Ekekwe and Mazi Sam Ohabunwa, she delivered a presentation titled “Reexamining how women can lead change in a complicated world”.

Specifically, Mrs. Amorighoye spoke on how the art of leadership is being re-defined through skills that are embodied in a woman. From being Visionary, leaders of the future must foster the skill of Adaptability to an ever-changing world and Agility to remain relevant. As Uncertainty continues to hold sway, leaders must also have high social and emotional skills to engage and lead their teams in the face of failing norms. High social skills also create the meekness to tap into the Wisdom of the Crowd, which is at variance to the understanding of a leader being or having access to a body of knowledge.

She charged women to be comfortable, leveraging their natural strengths in pursuing leadership positions at whatever strata.

To listen to this presentation, please visit https://youtu.be/BVrGAtp3BSw

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