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About us

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It is a most exciting time to be an entrepreneur, but also a most demanding one!

As the world continues to evolve into a marketplace with disruptions driven by technology and changing consumer preference, businesses must possess the combined skills of Innovation, Agility and Speed to remain relevant. Building these internal capacities is now a needed resource, not just a strategy.

Ayzer Centre for Entrepreneurship focuses on partnering with small and medium enterprises in building “Future-Ready” ventures by providing business support services as an enabler to develop internal competencies. We are committed to accelerating wealth-building in Africa by driving the growth of sustainable enterprises that will attract investment, global markets and partnerships. Through our ecosystem that leverages the value of “Community”, businesses at each growth stage can access tools and resources needed for development.

We commit to operating an organization driven by ethics, innovation, value-creation and accountability. Our values shape our activities ensuring we create a positive social impact.

Building ventures that create value to their stakeholders and themselves is the key to accelerating wealth growth in Africa. In driving our mission to see the proliferation of more sustainable enterprises, we offer services needed by business across the developmental stages of their business lifecycle.

Our services are grouped in three (3) broad activities:

  1. Academy:

Our range of programs focus on equipping entrepreneurs and their teams with the knowledge and skillset needed for enterprises management. Each program is themed as a business incubator to drive the “knowing by doing” methodology best suited for venture creation and building. Program content is relevant and is delivered to take advantage of the benefits of a range of learning styles which include peer-based learning, market research, case study review, quizzes, etc.

For more details on our programmes, please click (HERE).

  1. Accelerate 

Time to advance your business and your looking for the right resources? You’re in the right place.  Here, we offer the following core services:

  1. Advisory Services : You can resources and recommendations that can help you improve your business.
  2. Funding: Whether Loan or Equity, we have the solution to help address your funding need.
  3. Resources: Dealing with difficulty? Get inspired by any one of our case studies or access our tool kit to improve your productivity.
  4. Community: Be part of a growing ecosystem that supports entrepreneurs by entrepreneurs.

Explore (here) for more insights to how  we can build enduring growth partnerships.

  1. Ayzer commits to the development of her business environment and stakeholders through her social impact schemes. ‘Elle-e-vate’ is one of such schemes which supports the support female entrepreneurs find commercial validation of their ventures and build more sustainable businesses that attracts investment, plan and execute a growth plan and meet their statutory obligations.

    To actualise this project, Ayzer has established partnerships with several not-for-profit organisations in supporting their skills acquisition programmes with an entrepreneurial management module to enhance the value offering of their programmes, aligning with the skills set of the participants. Our modules range from basic book keeping and marketing strategies to more advanced modules of business planning and strategy. In addition to knowledge acquisition, we also provide opportunity for participants to access funding.

    Elle-e-vate has seen women learning skills in different vocations as well as understanding how to run and manage these businesses. If you would like to know more about how we can partner to develop more female entrepreneurs, please visit our Training Solutions page


The Network is a facilitator for the creation of public-private partnership, a gateway to innovation good practices for the support of SMEs and entrepreneurship and a catalyst of information on opportunities, latest trends and insights on innovation, SMEs, technology transfer and entrepreneurship.

Our relationship with INSME provides for specific and strategic capacity building opportunities drawing from the knowledge wealth of her membership base as well as creating areas of international collaboration to exploit opportunities for project development and funding.


Our partnership with the IEF makes available a large network of entrepreneurs, policy makers, academicians and other key stakeholders in the industry that afford both our client base and ourselves  immense networking opportunity. Through their annual conferences, bootcamps and knowledge -sharing sessions, areas of strategic collaboration have been created and are being exploited by our clients.


Our area of collaboration with the Bank of Industry (BOI) covers capacity development and access to funding. We have partnered with the BOI on several platforms to deliver empowerment programs for the benefit of startups and creating access to funding for established ventures.