Switching Cost – How High Is Your Price?

So, you’ve recently launched your product and by all indication, it should be a resounding success. Market surveys and analysis done before you launched gave a high indication for demand. A buzz has been created on social media attracting much pre-launch followership across the channels. For that reason, you set up an automation processes to […]
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Leadership Agenda Summit 2021

The Co-founder of Ayzer Center for Entrepreneurship Mrs. Anita Amorighoye was a Keynote speaker for Women in the Leadership Agenda Summit 2021 hosted by the Brian Reuben Advisory. Amongst other renowned speakers such as Professor Ndubuisi Ekekwe and Mazi Sam Ohabunwa, she delivered a presentation titled “Reexamining how women can lead change in a complicated […]
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Gaming for Growth Through Performance Management

Yes many companies fail! Many SMEs and start-ups under-perform in growth, survival and productivity because they have not adopted well-established good practice management techniques for their types of business. According to industry experts, five in every ten small businesses in Nigeria fail every year, with the percentage nearing 80% in their first five years of […]
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