Professional Certificate In Entrepreneurship (MINI)

Professional Certificate In Entrepreneurship (MINI)

About Programme

The Mini PCE provides an abridged version to the PCE programme and is suitable for those who have either developed competencies in some of the subject context covered in the PCE or are unable to invest the time required to cover the full programme. Not taking away from its impact, the Mini focuses on 4 weeks of business discovery, re-invention and design.

This certificate program is suitable for aspiring entrepreneurs who are still in the ideation stage of their business, startups founders and small businesses owners within the development stages.

This programme for also suitable for business managers and intrapreneurial teams seeking to run commericialy viable projects. Participants will benefit from the interactive, guided approach to learning. The programme offers a hand-holding approach by working with a mentor to address business challenges or bridge gaps that currently exist or are anticipated by the founder.

Our course structure is designed to engage our cohorts in a 4weeks active and case- based learning experience in a highly engaging environment. The Mini PCE introduces you to the entrepreneurial journey from birthing the idea to marketplace penetration and the processes thereafter every successful business needes to enagege in.

The course makes uses of both classrooom learning and field work to validate the knowlege gained also available is an e-learning platform to cater for personal studies.

The course is scheduled over a 4-week period covering 10 modules in key areas of entrepreneurship. Classroom learning on the programme covers 6hours weekly, while self study and marketplace learning is completely self-paced – you decide when you start and when you finish.

You are however expected to conclude and submit your weekly assignment covering modules learnt prior to the commencement of new modules.


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Program Director:

Mrs Stella Ayika


Programme Cohorts commences April, July, October. Admission is on a rolling basis


4 Weeks




Hybrid-Physical and Online (LIVE)