Professional Certificate In Entrepreneurship (PCE)

Professional Certificate In Entrepreneurship (PCE)

About Programme

Industry experts believe one of the most common causes of business failure is in the area of Strategy Execution. Great ideas die off when their founders are unable to implement their strategies in transforming an idea to a commercially viable solution to customer’s needs.

On the Professional Certificate for Entrepreneurship programme and over the next nine (9) weeks you will partake in a hands–on, fully participatory program in learning how to design , draft and execute a plan that ensures for business success. The program is engages you in both classwork and fieldwork activities to reinforce the knowledge you have acquired.

This certificate program is suitable for aspiring entrepreneurs who are still in the ideation stage of their business, startups founders and small businesses owners within the development stages.

This programme for also suitable for business managers and intrapreneurial teams seeking to run commericialy viable projects. Participants will benefit from the interactive, guided approach to learning. The programme offers a hand-holding approach by working with a mentor to address business challenges or bridge gaps that currently exist or are anticipated by the founder.

Over the term of the program you will refine your business plan and execution strategy to enable you pitch your offering to a select audience of industry experts. You will gain the confidence needed to drive continuous innovation in your business to meet the evolving demands of conumers and the business environment.

You will also learn engaging strategies and the ligua needed to communicate effectively with financiers, key stakeholders and partners needed for business growth and expansion. Expect an re-envisioned outlook to purssue for your business at the end of this course, in addition to new networks created across different markets through peer-to-peer interactions within the cohort. The PCE offers you a pathway to access development funds for your business. Please click (HERE) for more insights.

The programme uses different teaching methodology whch all demand the full commitment of the participant. Gaining a certificate would require completing all the excercises carred out in each of the modules of the programme.

Expect assignments, case study review, peer workgroup projects and more. The Demo Day pitch exercise crowns the programme and is a pre-requisite to earning the certificate.


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Programme Director:

DR. BUSAYO AJAYI- PhD, Entrepreneurship University of Essex, UK, Rector- Ajayi Polytechnic, Ekiti State


Programme Cohorts commence March, June, September. Admission is on a rolling basis.


9 Weeks




Hybrid-Physical and Online (LIVE)