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Certified Business Analysis Professional Preparatory Class

This 5-day comprehensive classroom session guarantees intensive learning and will prepare you for the CBAP/CCBA exams helping you make the most of your study time.

5 Modules

Professional Certification in Entrepreneurship

The Professional Certificate in Entrepreneurship program will prepare you to create economic and social value for your organization.

22 Modules

Cisco Programs

We are taking IT Skills to Schools to empower the younger generation with soft skills that will distinguish them in the is designed. This program will be done in stages to enable them to qualify to practice with the skill.

All the Stages in School

Grant Program

The grant program supports reveals opportunities beyond your widest dreams and connect you to a network of like minds where you can collaborate to achieve your goal.

16 Modules

FinTech Essentials

The FinTech revolution is rapidly transforming the financial industry. This course is design to help you stay abreast with the use of digital technologies together with regulatory and market …

28 Modules

Transition Programs

The transition program is designed for entrepreneurs and business owners who want to transit from one phase to another. We have designed this program to be more practical with real case studies

36 Modules

Working as an intrapreneur

As an intrapreneur you will learn what it takes to sustain a business and get businesses that will give you the leverage to reach the landmark that will make your business more profitable having local and global relevance.

30 Modules

Free Courses

We have few courses that we have take our time to develop to help you take decisions that will propel you to the next phase. You may want to consider enrolling for these courses, it is free.

Premium Courses

Our premium courses are designed specifically to make you scale and grow your business. We also put into consideration professionals who would like to transit from one career to another, or from career to business..

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