Professional Certification in Entrepreneurship

Learn the art of building a sustainable venture that embodies the vision and surpasses strategic goals and objectives.

Industry experts believe one of the most common causes of business failure is the inability to invest sufficient time in researching their idea.  From understanding your customers, business markets and financing requirements to operational structure, strategy and implementation, an Entrepreneur needs to have a working knowledge of the key tenets that guide successful businesses as well as the resilience to overcome challenges and setbacks.

On the Professional Certificate for Entrepreneurship programme and over the next 9 weeks you will partake in a hands–on, fully participatory program understanding the key focus areas to operate successful businesses. The program is designed to enable you to engage in both fieldwork and class activities to reinforce the knowledge you have acquired. Over the term of the course, you will re-write your business plan and implement its final submission, while learning from our local and foreign faculty to acquire superior knowledge.

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  • The expertise to draft, re-strategize and rewrite your business plan based on application of the knowledge and skills acquired in course of the programme.
  • Draw on practical experiences from industry leaders on understanding the developing strategies and managing common challenges entrepreneurs’ experience.
  • The ability to hypothesize about the effects of emerging trends in regulation and technology will have on future commerce.
  • A certificate of attendance from Ayzer Center for Entrepreneurship, as validation of your newfound knowledge and skills, as well as access to a network of like-minded intra- and entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneurship Training Module

Module 1- Introduction To Entrepreneurs And Enterprise

Module 2: Launching your Business Vision

Module 3 - Business Planning and Pitching

Module 4: Financial Planning and Implementation

Module 5: Monitoring the Performance of your Business

Module 6: Planning the Future Strategy of your Business

Module 7: Operating your Business

Module 8 : Business in an International Context

Module 9: Business Markets and the Economy

Module 10: Financial Literacy and Awareness

Module 11: E-marketing and Website Design

Module 12: e-Commerce

Module 13: Brand Development and Promotion

Module 14: Social Enterprise

Module 15: Market Research and Analysis

Module 16: Managing a Business Event

Module 17: Understanding Retailing

Module 20: Leadership and Teamwork

Module 21: Business Project Management

Module 22: Working as an Intrapreneur

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the timing features of the course?

The course is scheduled over a 9-week period covering over 22 modules in key areas of entrepreneurship. Classroom learning on the programme covers 8hours weekly, while self-study and marketplace learning is completely self-paced – you decide when you start and when you finish.

How long do I have access to the course?

The course and other supporting features that will enable your learning experience are available throughout the duration of the course up to 60-days after the course ends. However, we will be most welcome to have you again partaking in our other programmes and feature events.

Are there any payment plans to accommodate my financing needs?

We have flexible payment plans from single to 3-tranche payments to meet with your cash flow structure. Please contact us on for more information