Business Advisory

Business Advisory

Many factors impact the fortunes of an organisation negatively, plunging them into distress. Arising from macroeconomic, industry, political, environmental factors etc, the change in market dynamics and rippling effects from these factors and contributed largely to the death of many enterprises. Drawing strength from a professional team well versed is almost inevitable in navigating the murky waters that entrench success. At Ayzer, we offer comprehensive solutions based tailor-made to address our clients’ specific needs. The team led by certified professionals focuses on helping a business deliver its value proposition while ensuring customer satisfaction and experience.  Our advisory services cover:

  • Finance

  • Technology

  • Entrepreneurship

Our experienced practitioners have extensive business knowledge along with access to both local and global network of industry specialist from reputable institutions across the world.














Our Core Competencies


Entrepreneurship is management and versatility in managing the various activities that help nurture business success is key to its survival. It also might appear a daunting challenge for SME operators. Its mastery is an Art and we offer hand-holding support to guide you through step-by-step.


SMEs need support in drawing up and managing programs that enable their finance function to meet with the demands of stakeholders. We provide this support by streamlining and standardising processes. Our focus is on Performance Management, Financial Operations and Strategy development. 


Technology is a key business driver and its effective applications improve a ventures competitiveness. In a world where innovation determines survival, companies cannot ignore its relevance.  We offer a wide range of services covering technology strategy development and advisory, information management systems,  security and enterprise solutions, etc.