Who We Are

Ayzer Center for Entrepreneurship offers a platform that provides  management support towards the growth and development of micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) while providing a guided path for aspiring entrepreneurs. We do this by providing business incubation services, tools and resources that are needed to enable entrepreneurs become better equipped in managing their ventures to succeed.
We advocate the adoption of the entrepreneurial best practices in business
regardless its size or classification, which is key to providing structure and stability to the business allowing them meet pre-defined objectives, build sustainable profits, navigate the headwinds of their operational environment and attract investment.
Operating as a Limited by Guarantee company by incorporation, Ayzer leverages the wealth of expertise of her team, additionally collaborating with partner organizations and associates to provide effective and easily adopted solutions and programmes to our clients.

Our Purpose

At Ayzer Centre for Entrepreneurship, we advocate the drive towards self-
sufficiency in our continent through widespread industrialization and entrepreneurial activity. Our vision is to catalyze the proliferation of sustainable enterprises in Africa be a leading catalyst that spurn this.
Our mission is to accelerate wealth building in Africa through an ecosystem that enables entrepreneurship development for businesses and aspiring entrepreneurs.

Our commitment is to operate an organization that is driven by ethics, innovation, value-creation and accountability. Our values shape our activities towards having a positive social impact.