Capacity Building

Business success can be engineered by following the right processes - it can be

Through curated programs that leverage technology for its delivery, we provide programs that adopt various teaching methodologies and are delivered by industry
experts who address key aspects of entrepreneurial management. While providing a
deep-dive to the subject matter, we localize it content, making it relatable to address the peculiarities inherent to the business market.


From Ideation to go-to-market and attracting investment, Ayzer is vested in providing entrepreneurs, start-ups, inventor and grassroot teams a range of services that would guide them towards commercial success by developing successful products with global impact. Our interventions can be applied at any stage of the commercialization process from the formation of the concept to the sale of the product or service. To do this, we offer programs that focus on technology and non-tech related products. These
programs offer business innovation and operational guidance as well mentorship and access to support networks.

Access to Funding

We provide funding linkages to enable access to finance from our partner financial institutions. Through our program, we provide business development support which
helps improve the outcome of funding proposal made to any our development partners.


Strategy, Resources, Networks, Supply Chain, Growth. The business needs of any venture are largely tailored around these broad headings. Balancing these needs against scarce resources is proven to be a most daunting task of business leaders, howbeit a distinguishing factor for success. You needless walk this path alone. Ayzer offers business advisory support to guide the implementation of your identified strategies to effect enterprise-wide transformation. Our areas of focus include Finance, Technology, Enterprise Management and Operations.