Ayzer Centre For Entrepreneurship

Ayzer’s focus is to support and promote both intrapreneurial and entrepreneurial skills in Africa. Our services would help qualify more SMEs to have well- structured businesses that consistently meet pre-defined objectives, build sustainable profits, navigate the rigours of doing business in Africa and enable them to scale through direct investments from the teaming number of investors, development and financial institutions.

The world is fast becoming more interconnected as businesses are being disrupted by technology and changing consumer preference. Entrepreneurs are daily confronted with the challenge of meeting consumer needs which tend to speed, access, security, adaptability, etc. We are heralding a new era as African businesses take centre stage in a collaborative process with Techpreneurs seeking areas of expanding their empires.

Our vision at Ayzer Centre for Entrepreneurship (A.C.E) is to actively participate in engaging home-grown African business to ride on the emerging entrepreneurial revolution through strategic collaborations and guide their path towards global relevance. At A.C.E. our commitment is to build an organization that is driven by ethics, innovation, value-creation and accountability that shapes our activities to have a positive social impact.

Entrepreneurship at Ayzer is based on these  pillars:

  • Develop Entrepreneurial Skills:
  • Creativity and innovation are essential for all business owners to survive in tomorrow’s society.
  • Proffer Solution to Societal Challenges

The Centre for Entrepreneurship connects all activities on entrepreneurship education and research with the aim of helping businesses scale. We believe in supporting ‘entrepreneurship to make a difference’, Ayzer serves as an empowering environment that supports entreprenuers and staff to creatively pursue new opportunities, possibilities and innovations. As a centre of expertise, we encourage the development of relevant courses, programmes and co-curricular activities and provide information and inspiration.

We Care About Your Future

Ayzer cares for the future and long-term sustainability of our clients. Beyond meeting with their training needs, we seek to make further investments into your future that will ensure the continuous achievement of your strategic objectives. We aim to nurture your business growth through our support systems put in place

Ayzer provides platforms to follow up and continue to receive feedback on the progress of our clients.

Periodically, we provide a meet-and-greet platform to afford our clients the opportunity to network and meet with industry mentors in an informal environment.

Ayzer is affiliated with the IEF which holds her annual international conferences in renowned cities around the world.

Updates are continually provided on our new training programmes and up-coming events which our clients may take advantage of to scale, network and enhance their capacity.

Ayzer will help its clients have a well- structured business that consistently meet pre-defined objectives, build sustainable profits, navigate the rigours of doing business in Nigeria

We offer advisory service through our business clinic programmes.